Eintrag hinzufügen

  Osmin (ABXl6ACAtMx, 7iWWUpH3mthG)
   22/11/2013 um 19:11
Are you folks particularly failimar with this Prize, then (WRW, you judged this competition?)? I'm on the shortlist ("Harm," Michael Copperman), but submitted to it blind after seeing it in Poets and Writers. The weird thing is that there was no notification of the shortlist-- I had no idea I was on it until yesterday, when I thought that the contest deadline might be past... Also, in looking at the shortlist and the awards, I was trying to understand why they would shortlist 7 stories, but then give publication/money to six... that seems a bit cruel for unlucky number 7.
  Bel (LUwGweQb5X, 5gzV6kdVPb)
   22/11/2013 um 07:07
Wow!! I can't believe this is all BCBG! I've loved this brand since I gaeaudtrd from college and needed my first work staples but felt like the brand had lagged a bit since then. Thanks for rekindling the love!
   26/06/2012 um 11:03
Michel.......Dienstag!......auf Dich!......und Schere..und Stein...und Papier....und Morenköpfe auf einen Haps!
  Alyn (YVlccRjr, DpHXzLAFLpBVl)
   15/11/2011 um 01:04
At last, smeonoe comes up with the "right" answer!
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